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Market Research

MindEcology Qualitative Research

Have you been wishing you knew just what your customers are thinking? Imagine if you could get detailed specific information from both actual and prospective customers when you are:

  1. Contemplating the need for a new product or service
  2. Wondering whether your latest ads have had the desired effect
  3. Seeking feedback on your customer service, offerings, or brand

No matter what question you are asking, market research will help you determine the response. The team at MindEcology offers three types of primary research to help get the answers to your questions:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups

Whether you are looking for an email survey sent to thousands of customers, one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders or a focus group of potential consumers, the Market Research Division at MindEcology is dedicated to helping you determine what the people your business relies on are thinking. Not only can we conduct surveys, interviews and focus groups with your existing customers, using our data services we can also help you identify potential consumers who align with your existing customers.

With an extensive background in quantitative research and data, MindEcology knows how to make information work for you. Our experience with market research is no different. We’ll be providing actionable results that will help streamline your business, hone your marketing messages or take your business to the next level.

Surveys are a key component of market research

No matter what your industry, you need to know what your customers are thinking.

At MindEcology, we’ve developed comprehensive market research solutions utilizing surveys for businesses in health care, food services and technology as well as commercial building, insurance and consumer services. Our market research will be customized to your industry as well as your specific business.

Our market research team will develop a custom survey that can be deployed via email, giving you valuable data that can be used for everything from new product development to advertising messaging.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Initial consultation: We meet with you and your team to determine what the company needs to know. Our extensive experience means we’ll bring a number of questions to the discussion as well, making sure you get the most out of each survey.
  • Deployment: Using either your database or a consumer list, we’ll deploy the survey to the right people to get the answers you need.
  • Reporting: We collate and consolidate the survey answers into an actionable report that will take the guess work out of your business decisions.

Market research interviews provide a clearer picture

Sometimes, the only way to glean the information needed is through one-on-one interviews with the right individuals. Our data researchers are skilled in not only developing interview questions, but also identifying the right follow-up questions to produce a comprehensive picture that provides market research insights for your company.

The benefits of individual market research interviews include:

  • Distractions are eliminated
  • In-depth answers can be solicited
  • Rapport with the individual can be developed
  • Can be used effectively when asking for emotional or sensitive information

Depending on location and the length of time needed, market research interviews can be conducted in-person or via video conferencing.

Focus groups solicit an array of opinions in a short amount of time

From determining the demand for a new product to ascertaining the viability of a struggling product line, focus groups are one of the most powerful tools in the market research arsenal.

Here are just a few instances of when focus groups can be most helpful:

  • Determining demand for a new product.
  • Measuring confidence in a business or brand.
  • Determining the viability of a political candidate.
  • Gauging the effectiveness of advertising messages.

Thanks to bringing together a diverse audience, focus groups allow you to get a wide array of in-depth opinions in a short amount of time. Our team will lead extensive discussions, allowing us to gather information on not just what people think about a given topic, but also why they feel that way. Unlike surveys, focus groups allow a researcher to delve deeper, asking immediate follow-up questions and eliciting a more complex explanation of an individual’s feelings and judgements.

At MindEcology, we’ll identify focus group participants, craft a series of questions, bring the focus group together – either in-person or on-line — and moderate the discussion. We’ll then share the focus group session with you as well as develop an in-depth report with our findings.

Bringing it all together

Whatever form of market research is right for your business, collecting the data is only the first step. You’ll need an actionable report collating the results and providing actionable recommendations to utilize the information.

Ready to learn more about the market research services available at MindEcology? Schedule a no-obligation consultation today.