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Established 2009

Real Estate Brokers

Does this scenario sound familiar? You are a real estate broker or a property owner with a commercial space to let, and each month its vacancy is costing you money.

Or, you are an entrepreneur ready to expand your business or launch a new one, and you know that the closest or cheapest space just won?t do. In addition to scouring the commercial real estate ads, you?re also spending lots of time and money on foot, in a car, or on a plane, off on multiple site scouting expeditions where you hope to strike gold.

In either case, you undoubtedly have some sense that you are taking charge of your situation, but still a lingering anxiety remains in the back of your mind, namely: will any of these tactics actually bring you the real estate prospects that you really need?

There?s always the possibility one of these methods might work out for you, yes. But it?s also true that they collectively represent a highly conventional manner of leasing or obtaining commercial real estate space?and more importantly, they constitute a reactive, non-aggressive approach to ferreting out or attracting highly qualified, high-potential tenant or location prospects.

Partnering with MindEcology, on the other hand, will put you in a position to take your real estate marketing plan to the next level and beyond by allowing us to take a data-driven approach to your real estate tenancy needs. When you work with us, we?ll empower you to better connect with well-qualified prospects who are as interested in the space you have to offer as you are in leasing your space. Or, we can link you with perfectly-matched sites that are best suited for expanding or launching your consumer or B2B business.

Furthermore, rather than continually operating in a reactive ?it?s time to lease or sell space because space become vacant? or ?It?s time to find a space because I?ve outgrown my current location? way of doing business, we can help you transition to a model where you?re best positioned to claim profit-making space; or where you?re regularly maintaining a healthy pipeline of qualified tenant prospects.

MindEcology?s real estate services include:

  • Ideal Tenant Identification

    For brokers, developers, and property owners.

    When it comes to tenant prospecting, the two qualities you should most seek out are:

    Longevity, or your prospect?s likelihood of leasing from you for years to come and to potentially increase the amount of business it does with you at some point. And also:

    Stability, or your prospect?s corresponding ability to always fulfill the terms of your contract.

    Interviews and credit applications will only take you so far in the process to find prospects that possess these qualities, which means that in many instances you end up choosing a tenant based on nothing more than a ?first impression? feeling ?or even worse, you end up going with whomever showed up to write you a check, regardless of qualifications.

    MindEcology?s ideal tenant identification process eliminates this type of reactive guesswork and compromise in favor of analysis-fueled insight that leads to better outcomes for your commercial real estate needs. *Learn what insight you gain when you partner with MindEcology to identify high-value tenant prospects.

    • Site Selection

      For commercial/industrial, retail and public sector organizations, including banks, school systems, retailers, restaurants and salons.

      The maxim that ?the three most important factors in real estate are location, location, location? became a clich? for the same reason that most clich?s exist: They represent time-honored truths. The twist these days is that those company who access data-driven tools are the ones sure to make the best site selection decisions. Meanwhile, their competition will be left guessing.

      If you run a business that requires you to meet your customers face-to-face to showcase merchandise, make service calls, or process transactions, the ?where? of your business is at least as important as the ?what or how?.

      It is unfortunate, then, that so many companies underestimate some of the most important site selection factors in favor of guesswork and gut feelings.

      MindEcology?s site selection services gets rid of guesswork in favor of analyzing the location characteristics that lead to success?and then finding potential locations for your business that exhibit those characteristics.

      Our site selection profiles are never the same for any two companies, even when they are both operating in the same industry niches.

      MindEcology?s real estate site selection process incorporates an array of research-based tactics designed to help you find your ideal location:

      If your business is already operational, we analyze the demographics and patterns of your existing locations, then combine the most predictive characteristics we uncover using artificial neural network modeling techniques. We then use the data we uncover to assign ?desirability scores? to potential locations in the area you?re targeting for expansion.

      If you?re launching a new business, we employ a similar process but substitute a target market analysis in the place of the location analysis described above. We then analyze your business model to identify the demographic, psychographic and geographic factors that are likely to be associated with a business like yours, which leads in turn to research-qualified insights about the locations most likely to suit the needs of you and your customers.

      • When you?re ready to get started, we?re ready to help

        Your intuition is valuable, but you shouldn?t rely solely on your instincts – or chance or luck – to select ideal real estate locations or fill your tenant space.

        MindEcology can help you marry your natural insights with cold hard research that results in a roadmap for success. Contact us today and let’s discuss what’s possible.