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Established 2009

Sales Force Load Balancing

Sales Force Load Balancing: A fancy name for the process of putting your best sales people where they can do their best job and make you more money.

Sales professionals and their employers have an equally demanding set of mutual expectations. Businesses expect big (and often fast) results from their sales staff, while sales pros expect their employers to set them up in situations where there’s a realistic chance of meeting and exceeding goals.

Both variables in the sales/employer equation are often quick to cut ties when things don’t go well, so this is why we tend to see a lot of movement in the profession. In fact, a recent Manpower study found that sales jobs are the second-hardest positions to fill in the U.S., coming in behind skilled trades. This phenomenon is particularly evident in B2B environments, where sales team members often need to have specialized product or industry knowledge in order to be successful.

What can you do to get the most out of your sales team?

For starters, you can leverage the power of Mind Ecology’s SalesPoint technology, fueled by our signature MatchPoint predictive modeling research tool.

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The custom analysis we perform for you can provide a much clearer picture of your sales team strategy, and empower you to make a lot of critical decisions, like:

  • Where to place or reposition your sales team members.
  • Which/how many sales team members should be assigned to managers and account executives.
  • How many/what types of accounts should be assigned to team members and A/Es.
  • Which areas, in terms of accounts and regions, should be the most heavily staffed – and which should be lighter staffed?

Your sales team is one of your business’s most important resources. Contact us today and we’ll get started on a customized plan that will help you get the most out of it.