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SalesPoint technology helps you rank and prioritize leads – and grow your business.

On our Custom Analysis page, we talk about the fact that each of our clients have distinct needs, objectives and motivations, even when they work in the same industry.

The same holds true for your business’s customers and prospects. They’re not all alike-and even more significantly-they shouldn’t be treated with the same importance. (Check out a recent MindEcology article, “All Leads Aren’t Created Equal.”)

Yep, we said it – not every lead that comes your way is important. Or more accurately, some leads are more important than others. Prioritization of leads is essential to sales success, yet many businesses make the mistake of using a “one size fits all” approach to lead generation, nurturing and development.(Read 5 Reasons Not to Market to ‘Everybody’.”) This non-focused approach dilutes your business’s precious resources of time and money – and usually results in an unsatisfying ROI for your lead generation and cultivation efforts.

Our SalesPoint product helps you supersize your lead generation productivity by prioritizing and ranking your leads and prospects, using data extracted and analyzed from your CRM (customer relationship management tool), your e-commerce platform, your website analytics and other data sources.

What you’ll get:

Client deliverables for SalesPoint may include analysis and recommendations that will help you:

  • Group and rank your customer segments.
  • Create targeted, qualified sales prospect lists.
  • Rank and prioritize sales prospects.
  • Position and staff your sales team and account executives.
  • Convert your website visitors into customers.(Learn more about MindEcology’s ConversionPoint automated marketing/lead scoring product.

The bottom line:

SalesPoint helps you re-direct your sales team’s energies into channels that are more likely to bring lifetime customers to your business. If you’re ready to bring out your A game when it comes to sales and lead generation, we’d love to talk further. Contact us today to find out more about what SalesPoint can do for your business.

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