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SEO Audit

Get on the right track with an SEO Audit

If you rely on your website to drive business, you know search engine optimization is key to being found on the internet. But before you make the investment in SEO, it’s essential that you create a roadmap with an SEO audit.

No matter what industry you are in, there are dozens – perhaps even hundreds – of search terms, also known as keywords, that might make sense for your business. The crucial step is finding the keywords that will not only bring the right people to your website but also the search terms that can get your website to top of the search engine rankings. Finding the right keywords involves the type of data analysis where MindEcology shines.

At Mindecology, The Difference Is In The Details Of Our SEO Audits

We recommend an SEO audit before starting an SEO support campaign as well as before any website build or redesign. The insights gleaned from that audit will help drive of the direction of your site and will fuel an array of decisions that will coalesce into an effective digital marketing strategy. Here’s what you need to know about our strategy:

  • It’s all about you: The report generated from our SEO audits includes custom content created just for your business. We eschew boilerplate content in favor of bespoke information that applies specifically to your business and the strategy for your website.
  • The Two Qs: We use both qualitative and quantitative analysis so that you can see not only the what, but also the why. This in-depth philosophy when it comes to data research has shaped our approach to analysis from the get-go – and more importantly, it means you can be assured that our direction is based on a provable, results-driven method.
  • Narrow down the possibilities: Our initial research will identify about one hundred potential keywords. We use several key metrics to hone that list down to about two dozen highly targeted search terms.
  • Where do you go from here: Your keyword audit will be both a road map and a compass for the dozens of micro decisions needed to build your site to attract the right prospects and convert them into your best customers.
  • We’ll give you a map: A keyword map that is. Your keyword map will identify which terms should apply to which website pages. And it will also offer the meta data that you – or your webmaster – can use to complete the backend information that will help tell the search engines what your website is about.
  • Science is just the start: No matter how effectively it’s been collected, all the data in the world won’t move the needle unless it is paired with the right messaging. We balance the science of data-driven metrics with the art of marketing strategy and creative.

Find Out Where You Go From Here

Marketing that makes a real difference for your business starts with a data-driven strategy. An SEO audit is one of the key cornerstones supporting a targeted digital marketing campaign.

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