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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase website traffic for the long term with search engine optimization

If your goal is driving traffic to your website for the long term, your solution is search engine optimization. Unlike pay per click advertising, which drives traffic only as long as you pay for it, search engine optimization will continue to bring results long after the investment is made.

Search engines continually monitor — “crawl” in internet speak — websites for new content with the information they glean used to suggest sites that may be relevant for particular words or phrases. By optimizing your website by including content about those keywords you can move your site higher in the search results, resulting in more traffic to your site. To move higher in the rankings you need to add relevant content on a regular basis — ideally blog posts of at least 500 words at a minimum of once a month.

Searching out the MindEcology difference

Like everything else we do, the MindEcology SEO strategy mixes creative content with data science. Here’s how our search engine optimization strategy is different:

What we do improves your site: At MindEcology the overwhelming majority of search engine optimization is done on your site, which means the work you invest in now will continue to serve you for years to come. We do some off-site link building, but it’s only about 10 percent of the total.

It’s best to know which terms to use in advance: You can guess which search terms your audience is looking for, but an SEO audit will provide a more effective roadmap. We recommend that our client’s start with a keyword or SEO audit, to guide keyword selection.

We use the right writers: All content is created by US-based, professional writers who first research and then craft copy that not only improves your search engine rankings, but also provides relevant information to your website visitors.

Our writers write the right content: The content creators at MindEcology understand how to infuse copy with keywords and their related phrases to create blog posts that are appealing both to human readers and searching engines.

It’s not only what you see on the surface: All of our blog posts include the metadata, such as title and description, that further illustrate the relevance to a particular keyword. We also carefully choose the right pages to link to on your website.

You can be as involved as you want: We have several options for our clients. We’re happy to let you review everything we create before it gets published to the web. Speaking of posting, we can do that for you, choosing appropriate photos and including the metadata and relevant links. Or we can provide the blog posts to you for your webmaster to post them. It’s entirely up to you and how much control you want to have.

Monthly reporting: We provide monthly reports that illustrate your search engine rankings, allowing you to see how our work is changing your website’s ranking for particular keywords.

Putting search engine optimization to work for you

If pay-per-click is a sprint, SEO is a marathon. It takes consistent work over the long haul to reap the rewards. Those rewards will continue to pay dividends months and even years after the blog posts have been initially published.

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