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Established 2009

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MatchPointTM Audience Definition

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How Much Do You Really Know About Your Customers?

No matter how well you know your best customers, a wealth of actionable, detailed information about them that you probably never dreamed possible is just a research report away. Enter MatchPoint™ from MindEcology.

Find Your Best Customers with MatchPoint™

Ever thought to yourself: “How do I find my best customers”?

Let MatchPoint™ Audience Definition from MindEcology guide your marketing into more profitability with our expert-level customer segmentation reports.

This best customer profiling report leverages your on-hand consumer data to produce a wealth of information that helps you:

  • Identify which types of customers are more likely to convert, more likely to spend money, or both
  • Find more prospects who think and buy like your best customers by telling you how and where to market to them
  • Have the tools to build a media plan
  • Speak to your best prospects in language they resonate with
  • Focus your digital marketing, direct mail and other geography-based efforts like a laser on your best prospects, skipping over the rest

In short, MatchPoint™ offers consumer-focused companies and nonprofits a path toward more successful, cost-effective marketing. You can leverage our research to guide your entire marketing machine, from traditional media buying and media planning to brand development, campaign production, and the design of your creative.

Persona-Based Research

Your completely customized MatchPoint™ report is based on the concept of buyer personas. Unlike most persona-based systems, we don’t just guess who your personas are: we use data science, math and statistics in our customer persona development process.

In most cases, we will develop three personas for your report. Your personas’ composition are about as unique as DNA, with millions of possible combinations. Your company’s personas are 100% unique to your company. To get started, all we need from you is an address list of 500 to 5,000 historial customers (and just their addresses; names not needed). We take it from there.

Psychographics and Media Buying Habits

Once we have developed your custom set of personas, we cross-tabulate that information about your best prospects with hundreds of individual data points, organize in categories such as:

  • Psychographics
  • TV viewing habits
  • Radio listening habits
  • Newspaper and print reading habits
  • Digital and social media usage
  • Speciality info on health, finance, and 15 other categories

Imagine a wealth of actionable information about your best personas that you can use to market to them. With this data, you will give yourself an enormous leg up over your competitors in speaking directly to your best prospects who are more likely to convert and more likely to spend money.

Top ZIP Codes and Heat Maps

Your report will include heat maps showcasing color-coded ZIP codes that indicate where your best prospects live. You will receive heat maps for three major metro markets per report – with options to add more markets at an additional investment point. You will also receive a list of all ZIP codes per market that shows their relative concentration of your best prospects.

Thinking of a direct mail campaign? Our system can guide your campaign so that you ONLY strategically mail your best prospective households, skipping their neighbors who are outside of your sweet spot.

Actionable Marketing Recommendations

Your report will contain a set of detailed marketing recommendations for each persona, including:

  • Key messages and concepts to include
  • Which media channels to prioritize in your media plan
  • And much more

All of these recommendations are custom-built based upon your top personas.

Bonus: Descriptive Statistics

As a bonus, we will be happy to crunch the numbers for you, including for example:

  • Distance calculation
  • Revenue by product type
  • Seasonality pattern identification


Investment points vary, depending upon which information you would like included. All versions of our MatchPoint™ report include the core of the report: the persona identification and description. The rest depends upon which option you select that best suits your needs.

About MindEcology

Founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas and with a second location in Denver, Colorado, MindEcology was built on the idea that data makes marketing work better. Since that time, we have continued to develop and improve upon a whole range of marketing products and services, from research to media buying to digital ad campaigns.

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At some point, somebody has to call the shots and make a decision. Companies hire us for our experience, knowledge and ability to point the marketing efforts in the right direction. Strategy is a real-world skill set that we use every day.

Data & Research

Data. It’s the hot advertising buzzword in today’s market. And it should be. Data is important to making smarter, more informed business decisions. We’ll put our data knowledge up against any other advertising agency and we invite you to challenge us today.


Creative without strategy is just pretty pictures. It’s one of the oldest sayings in advertising and one we believe here at MindEcology. The average American sees 3,000 ads a day – so creative needs to cut through the clutter, tell your story and drive sales – right away.

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The leaders of MindEcology have been in online marketing since online marketing first started. We combine our data prowess with our creative minds and decades of experience to deliver you an online campaign that’s measurable, effective and makes you money.

Social Media

Can we talk? Social marketing is here to stay, and great social marketing involves talking, telling stories and capturing your audience’s attention. We know how to do the tech stuff. More importantly, we know how to tell stories. Better photography. Better video. Better stories.


We don’t need to tell you that everyone is spending A LOT of time on their cellphones. What you do need to know is that you can use geofencing to harness the location services on those phones and not only identify potential customers but also deliver targeting advertising to them.