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5 Key Components For Social Media Strategy For Small Businesses

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This screwy year has shown us all the importance of helping small businesses any way we can. That said, businesses both large & small, have learned how important a good social media strategy really is. We’re not talking about a few likes & fire emojis. Businesses who have had to change gears to be based online have relied heavily on their social media savviness to get folks to know they’re still operating, both safely and effectively.

But it shouldn’t take a global crisis to get business owners to get their social media together so that it works FOR them instead of just being ABOUT them.

There is probably a big segment of the population out there that feels social media optimization is just industry-speak from advertising/marketing agencies trying to get clients to buy into their schtick. Not so. In fact, you might be surprised to know that small businesses everywhere don’t have to do a ton of work on these platforms to get usable results.

But where does one start? Consider the following:

Posting Balance

You want your social media posting to be regular enough so that folks follow you for updates on what you’ve got going on at a given time. These well-timed posts keep you in a prospective customer’s feed, but you don’t want someone’s feed to be nothing but your constant posts either.

Content Variation

When you do post, though, it needs to more than just the same kind of post. Incorporate some videos, as well as an occasional survey. Maybe a weekly post series with certain themes that people can anticipate. Don’t forget that you also want to encourage content creation from your past & current clients.


Content creation from your established clientele is essential for online engagement. They can be the ideal content creators because they know you, your product/service, and can showcase how their lives are improved by your product/service with a picture or video & a well-placed hashtag. Also, your comment sections are a goldmine for constructive input, both positive & negative. Answering questions & acknowledging ways to improve go a long way to creating brand loyalty.

The Right Platform

Try listing all of the social media platforms available right now. You probably left a few off the list, not including those only available to other parts of the world. The problem is that many businesses try to grow accounts on EVERY SINGLE ONE. If the audience you’re trying to reach isn’t there, you’re wasting a lot of time & money trying to connect.

Tracking Progress

Social media strategy is about scoring well in the numbers department. So, you got yourself on the ideal platform? Now what? You need to know how you’re doing, good or bad, so you know how to tweak your game-plan. Otherwise, how will you know if you’re moving in the right direction?

In all honesty, social media strategy may turn out not be a small business owner’s strength. These folks are often busy doing everything from running a cash register, handling payroll, or performing custodial work. As such, finding & working with a trusted & dependable third-party agency for some help may be the way to go. Their up-to-date knowledge & documented success regarding social media strategy can help your business meet its goals & plan ahead.

What can an Austin advertising agency like MindEcology can do for your social media strategy? Two words: next level. Check them out today.

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