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5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media

Should you outsource your social media marketing?

Ah, social media. It is a thorn in the side of many business owners and managers. These days, if your company doesn’t even have a Facebook page, it begs the question, “How successfully are you reaching your target audience across all of the most viable marketing channels?”

Indeed, social media is an important component of good marketing. But, who has the time to run their own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages? After all, most businesses are good at running the business itself. Meanwhile, each of these platforms is like a needy plant that requires daily attention and care, including: posting new content, responding to commenters, posts, creating ads, and interacting with your community.

To do it right requires an effort that is more complicated and time-consuming than one might think. Here are 5 reasons why you need to outsource your social media to an expert.

1. Time Management

You might be thinking, “I can handle my own Facebook page. It’s not that hard!” Sure, Facebook isn’t hard, but do you have the time? First of all, having a Facebook page for your business is essential. But then, you need to decide what other social platforms your business will need. And once your social accounts are set up, you may not realistically be able tend to them amidst your busy schedule, lest your other duties suffer neglect at your company’s expense.

2. Technical Expertise

A good social media specialist is well-versed in the art that is “social marketing.” Their sole purpose is just that and they have the know-how and time to dedicate essential hours to your page(s) – cultivating content, pulling analytics, strategizing, and creating online advertising.

3. Strategic Know-How

Do you think that merely going live with a Facebook page will drive the numbers you need to be effective? Nope. And it’s not that outbound marketing isn’t valuable or important. Rather, it’s that social media marketing can and will benefit your company when done properly with dedication and a solid strategy.

There is definitely a right and a wrong way to handle social marketing. Letting a professional take the reins will give you peace of mind as you watch your ROI flourish. After creating your pages, you need a strategy of how to reach your target audience and generate engagement.

4. Content-Savviness

Content – good, useful content – is so vital to your business and its success. And the element of time you need to create and cultivate content for your pages is something you may not have. A dedicated social media specialist has the time needed to research what content works, what draws in new prospects and customers, and what gets them to engage – and share.

Depending on what kind of business you have, you may want original images, captured moments and memes, or informative articles and featured blogs, or upcoming events and promotions – or all of the above.

There is a strategy behind knowing which posts will promote your brand and engagement, the idea post frequency, and which posts will likely be a flop. Once your implemented strategy has had time to develop, your specialist can adjust where necessary and continue to build up your brand.

5. Understanding the Role of Paid Ads

Social media specialists also craft Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, and retargeting advertisements so that your business gets seen in social feeds, in searches, and on other websites.

There are more than 3 billion people using the Internet, so creating ads that will capture the attention of your growing fan-base is mandatory. And targeting your specific audience so that the right people see your ads is a skill in and of itself.

Social media specialists are not a dime a dozen, but they are skilled and they have time, experience with creating content, nurturing ads, and strategy that can be tailored to your business. Hire one to help your company or ask your ad agency if they offer this service and start growing more efficiently today. You won’t regret it.

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