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How To Know If You Have Effective Facebook Ads

There was a time when Facebook was actually known as “The Facebook” (score one for the boomers). From this humble little college socializing website that allowed you to ‘poke’ others came the juggernaut we know today, with neat things like effective Facebook ads. Yes, even on a social media platform, business is gonna do what business is gonna do.

Helping The Little Guys

The ability for small businesses and entry-level entrepreneurs to have an online presence on Facebook has been a pretty big deal. Rather than go the traditional route of a website, these smaller operations have used free tools from Facebook to create their business presence & grow their brand. What’s been even cooler to see is that as Facebook has gotten bigger & developed its product more, it’s been able to offer greater tools to business-minded folk.

More Than Just Connecting with Friends & Family

Enter Facebook ads. Now, businesses are able to really aim targeted ads on the platform to bring greater awareness of their product/service. More importantly, the ads are aiming to get a greater amount of people to purchase said product/service. Again, it should be noted that Facebook has a number of great tools available for business owners to tweak & change as needed over time.

Understanding Facebook Ads

But do you really know how to make those tweaks & changes or are you just stumbling along and hoping for the best? If this sounds like you, don’t worry too much. You’re actually not alone. In fact, Facebook & other platforms offer business tools that provide a lot of guidance and help along the way.

Facebook Tries To Give You A Head’s Up

The big thing that Facebook looks at is the wide scope of Relevance Score. Essentially, the tools you’re using can tell if no one is really interacting with your ads and Facebook will tell you in no uncertain terms. That’s actually kind of cool.

Digging Into Data

Any good ad campaign starts with understanding an audience. This, of course, starts with digging through available data. Tools like Ads Manager are there to be used by business owners to get some nitty-gritty info on campaign & ad set info like ages, gender, and page engagements. You can also set filters you think may help narrow things down a bit more to find the right audience.

When Numbers Aren’t Everything…And When They Are

Some folks might hear the saying, “You gotta spend money to make money” and think it makes no sense. However, the savvy folks know that it means to invest in one’s business/craft/idea. It means having to use free samples to get people’s attention & get them in the door. Even when Facebook ads tell you something seems ‘off’, it’s important to know which numbers you are paying attention to & what’s important for your business. ‘Off’ may be more relative than you think.

When Getting Help is the Right Call

Remember the whole ‘do you know how to tweak & change’ thing from before? Having the option of defining & shaping Facebook ads for your business seems great. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, then it’s really not all that great, is it? This is where working with an advertising agency can actually be the right solution. They are well-versed in newer technology & can sit with you to get to know what your goals are for your business. After all, even the best Facebook ad can’t do much if it isn’t aiming to help you get where you want to go.

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