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The Key To Good Social Media Content Creation Is Authenticity


Twenty-five years ago, no one could have imagined that the World Wide Web (you know, the ‘www’ in URLs) would spawn an entity known as ‘The Influencer’. Yet, here we are, being inundated with the powerful impact of social media content creation on a daily basis. In fact, the influential nature of social media is so big that companies both large & small have made it a necessary part of their marketing.

Social Media IS Worth The Effort

Businesses have created social media content that is interesting, insightful, and very attention-grabbing. Some operations have jumped fully into the social media mix, becoming avid posters on a slew of platforms in an attempt to keep their name fresh. The naysayers gripe a bit about the rather ‘fly by night’ nature of this kind of marketing, saying that it will only last until the next thing comes along. But considering the massive nature of social media use, coupled with an every-expanding audience using online shopping, it looks as though social media marketing is here to stay for awhile.

Authenticity Matters

But social media content creation can be tough to pull off well. Not everyone has a knack for hash-tagging, location sharing, or posting something that isn’t unremarkable. What’s more, social media content is even worse when it comes off as inauthentic. We’ve all heard the saying, “Keep it real.” If there were ever a time to subscribe to this philosophy, it would be when posting online.

So, how do you come off as authentic with your social media content creation? Consider the following:

Connect w/Your Audience — When someone leaves a comment, good or bad, respond to it. Taking the time to see what they wrote & providing a real answer goes a long way in making a real connection. This is especially true is someone isn’t too happy with you. There will be all eyes on you when it comes to your response to negative comments/feedback.

Likability — While tough to define, the idea of likability comes down to coming off as relatable. For example, if the fridge in the employee break room goes down, we’ve all been there. Moaning about the loss of your chilled Möet and Chandon/caviar lunch because the fridge won’t chill things optimally? Yeah, not so much.

Be Human — If there is one thing everyone wants a business to do when they screw up, it is to admit the mistakes made. Own up to things & try to make it right. Yes, you’ll get scorched in the comment section. Deal with it, take the heat, and again, respond with grace & patience.

User-Generated Content — Connecting with your audience also means getting them to be a part of your journey. Ask for folks to send in pictures & videos of them engaging with your product/service. This kind of interaction is dynamic, interesting, and lets customers know their input is important.

Ditch Dishonesty — No one likes to be lied to, especially when they know the truth. Hiding behind wordplay or spinning a situation a la gaslighting will only add the ditch you’ve dug for yourself. Stop it.

Pull Back The Curtain A Bit — One interesting way companies have started peeling away the slick corporate veneer is by actually giving a behind-the-scenes look at the business itself. Sharing employee stories, as well as more casual moments between staff, show that real people are behind the company.

At the end of the day, authenticity in social media creation is all about being willing to be YOU. But what if you’re no good at this? Then it might be time to get some help. Touch base with us here at MindEcology & we’ll show you the ropes when it comes to being the best YOU you can be in your online marketing game. 

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