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10 Benefits to Investing in a MatchPoint™ Report


Here are 10 concrete and specific ways that investing in a MatchPoint™  consumer profiling report can benefit your company immediately and long-term:

1. Removes the guesswork from your marketing decisions

2. Helps you develop clear messaging that speaks directly to your best customers? emotional buy buttons.

3. Provides valuable statistics about your customer data that give you actionable insights into who and where your best customers are.

4. Gives a user-friendly name to your best customer types so that you can identify and refer to them in strategic marketing plans.

5. Adds mathematical specificity to best customer selection, allowing you to target geographical areas as specific as individual households for marketing and advertising efforts.

6. Ranks markets, cities, neighborhoods and ZIP codes in order of concentrations of your best customer, delivered both as maps and lists.

7. Provides you with a full set of media recommendations, showing you specifically which media types, stations and times of day to advertise.

8. Gives you a step-by-step, easy-to-follow marketing road map, including specific recommendations for how to go after those most likely to buy from you.

9. Provides an objective, third-party view of your customers and market that can put to rest long-standing internal disagreements about your marketing direction and best way forward.

10. Allows you to stop wasting energy guessing about your marketing strategy, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best: running the operational side of your business with confidence and with minimal distraction.

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