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How To Create A Scaleable Marketing Plan

If a business has taken the time to mind its Ps and Qs, then they’ve most certainly developed a solid business plan. But what about a scaleable marketing plan? To many, these are one and the same. Reason states that a business cannot operate without the right marketing in place. As such, a good business plan, by default, means that said business also has a good marketing plan.

However, the crucial mistake in the logic is the omission or dismissal of the word ‘scaleable’. To be scaleable means to be able to move up, or to expand upon, something. As such, a scaleable marketing plan has to have the inherent ability to be dynamic and flexible. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to realize that part of the equation. Sure, the hope is that things are always moving in the right direction, but what happens when they’re not? If a marketing plan only operates to support a constant level of success, what happens when an inevitable hiccup occurs?

This is why scaleability matters and why it is imperative that businesses start finding ways to incorporate this level of flexibility in their day-to-day operations.

OK, that’s great, but one question — how? In many respects, creating a scaleable marketing plan starts much the same way a standard marketing plan. In fact, marketing experts have noted that establishing a truly great marketing plan incorporates scaleability by default from the very beginning. A basic guide would be as follows:

Research & Data

In case you weren’t aware, all good marketing starts with crunching numbers. The info discovered through market research helps form the basis for campaigns both large & small. Data also helps businesses navigate major pitfalls in budget allocation over time. Many business owners just starting out tend to want to trust their gut or take informal pols through social media. THIS is not the same thing as dedicated market research & data analysis.

Budget Determination

KNOWING how much money to dedicate to marketing is NOT the same thing as SPENDING it all at one time. If there were ever a time to think about scaleability, it’s here. Understanding when to spend money is a skill that can reap significant benefits. Having multiple campaigns going at one time (based on market research/data) means strategically using one’s budget efficiently. As each campaign is reviewed, money invested will be tweaked in response to good & bad results.

Hammering Out Details

Few places end up being a business’s undoing than a sloppy approach to knowing who their ideal customer is. Establishing personas allows business owners to answer important questions about the business itself, as well as the products/services they offer. Furthermore, creating marketing personas requires going beyond skin deep to get an understanding of the rational & emotional side of an ideal customer.

Navigating Changes

Scaleability has to do with movement. In just the last few years, business owners have had to be spry & flexible when it came to keeping the lights on. Even now, the economy is taking a hit, leaving everyone in a bit of a lurch. Knowing how best to tweak one’s campaigns will make for getting the most bang out of every marketing buck. The key to making it all work, though, is getting everyone on the team (including leadership) on the same page.

This, of course, leads to perhaps the most important part of creating a scaleable marketing plan — taking the time to define YOU. No amount of work to create a bonafide marketing plan can happen without truly understanding what a business is, inside & out. Are you solving a problem? Is your product/service a solution that is desperately needed? Are you stepping into an industry ripe with competition? Do you stand out at all? 

If you’re having trouble answering these questions or need help with creating a scaleable marketing plan of your own, touch base with us here at MindEcology. We’re an Austin advertising agency that lives & breathes data. Let us show you what to do with it today.

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