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Is Automated Marketing Right for Your Agency?

Automated Marketing Tips

There’s an old saying about cobbler’s children having no shoes. We don’t run into too many cobbler’s kids at networking events, so we can’t personally attest to the validity of this statement. But we’re betting that if cobblers are anything like marketers, it’s probably true.

One of the biggest challenges that marketing and advertising agencies face is business development.

This is especially true for mid-sized and smaller shops who are already busy conquering the world with tiny-but-mighty teams.

If you’re already working overtime just to knock out awesome campaigns for your clients, keep up with invoicing and go home once in a while to see your family, it’s hard to find the time necessary to go after the kind of clients you want, or keep track of high-potential prospects.

If this sounds like your agency, it might be time to consider an automated “drip” marketing campaign. Automated marketing is a tactic that identifies, scores and prioritizes the unknown prospects who come to your website or open your email marketing pieces – and then tags them for future automated follow up with email marketing that’s designed to capitalize on their behavior.

In other words, automated marketing allows you to:

1) Find out who’s coming to your website and who is opening and clicking on your email newsletters.

2) Assign scores to those prospects based on their behavior (like which pages or links they are clicking/visiting).

3) Better determine which prospects merit aggressive follow up.

4) Find out more about your prospects’ interests.

5) Automate some of your follow-up tactics and eliminate the chances that a high-potential prospect will slip through the cracks of your busy agency.

That’s a quick overview of the benefits of automated marketing. Ready to learn more?

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