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The Business Owner’s Guide to Effective Austin Advertising

In case you weren’t aware, owning a business right now anywhere in the world is an exercise in patience & knowing how best to identify a soft surface you can smack your head against. Oddly enough, though, Texas happens to be doing really well in attracting businesses large & small, leading many business owners to consider the merits of effective Austin advertising.

After all, Austin is the capital of the Lone Star State, so if you’re going to make it in Texas, especially in central Texas, your Austin ad game needs to be, to quote a great 20th-century philosopher, “…on point like Stacy Adams”. But what does that actually mean? Business owners wear a lot of hats. What’s more, try as they might to delegate duties to others, they sometimes don’t know how to get out of their own way & this includes advertising strategy.

Let most business owners tell it, and they’d say that you need to tell the world about a product/service in every way possible for the least amount of money. Sounds legit, right? There’s just one issue with that approach — where do you begin? Moreover, what’s the endgame? Are there any actual short-term/long-term goals in mind? How do logistics play a part in the whole process? A good rule-of-thumb with anything is that if you come up with more questions than you had before you started, then what you started with might not have been thought out enough.

But that’s OK. It’s a place to start, and for many new business owners, it’s a heck of a better place to be than way back at square one. Now, back in Austin, the advertising a business uses has to be nuanced to a very unique city & area. For example:

Knowing the Area is key to effective Austin advertising

Austin is a premier destination in Texas. However, it’s just a short drive from San Antonio, home of the preeminent Texas historical marker, The Alamo. You’re also a day-trip away from some of the nation’s best olive oil producers. Plus, you can’t forget the high number of award-winning distilleries, wineries, and breweries in the Texas Hill Country.

Know the Competition

Texas has been Number #1 in corporate relocation in the United States for years. This is no surprise considering the Lone Star State has one of the most business-friendly environments anywhere in the country. This means that big companies & small entrepreneurs can benefit financially by operating in Texas in ways they couldn’t anywhere else. This also means businesses are competing harder for the same prospective customers.

Think Outside the City Limits

You might know Austin, but there’s more to the city. In fact, many residents find the best leisure activities, dining, and overall fun with short day-trips just outside of the city limits. Popular destinations include Dripping Springs, Fredericksburg, and Wimberley. Trying to advertise beyond the scope of Austin proper could be how to strike gold if you play your cards right.

Cost of Living

Everyone values their product/service as being top-of-the-line. You sunk research, time, and a lot of sweat equity into making your business what it is today. The last thing you want to do is sell it cheap. The thing is you need to take into consideration what cost of living is in the Austin area & see how well it meshes with your vision on product/service cost. Even though salaries do tend to be higher than average in a lot of areas, Austin tends to be an expensive place to live & work. Folks will want to get as much bang for their buck.

In the end, the one thing to take away about Austin advertising is the same thing you’d want to take away about advertising anywhere — understand the RIGHT audience. Your product/service won’t appeal to everyone, no matter how much you think it should. However, pitch it to the right group of people, and you’ll likely see the pay-off pretty quickly.

If your business isn’t all about effective Austin advertising, then you don’t need an Austin advertising agency, right? Wrong. Learn about a group of folks taking the ad game to a whole new level.