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The Secret To Austin Advertising

If you’ve watched the news over the last few years (yeah…kinda cringey), you’ve likely heard about the mad rush of folks heading to central Texas. While this would seem like the ultimate opportunity for entrepreneurs to strike it big, many have come up short. The reason? They don’t have a full understanding on how Austin advertising should work. No matter how good their product/service is, they’ve failed to find an audience for it.

Did you see that? Did you pick up on that MAJOR mistake right there?!? Here is the first big ‘secret’ that comes with Austin advertising — finding the RIGHT audience. Defining the audience that is more likely to invest in your product/service means everything. Austin is an ever-growing city that is on track to hitting the elusive one million mark in terms of population. Within that growth is diversity that is most certainly composed of groups who are not monoliths in any way. As an advertiser, to see this entire city as nothing more than AN audience is a cardinal sin.

Asking the Tough Questions

There’s more to Austin advertising than knowing some ‘secret formula’, though the allure of it all is certainly understandable. Any company looking to be successful in the area needs to ask itself some important questions. For example:

Who, or What, is Austin?

Sure, the city is the capital of Texas. This is where South By Southwest takes place. It’s where a bunch of C-list celebrities and pretend media moguls have started calling home. But like any major metropolitan area (we’re looking at you Houston & Dallas/Fort Worth), after awhile, everything in proximity to the big city becomes a part of the big city in some way. You want to angle your ad for Austin, but do you mean Austin proper? Maybe its surrounding suburbs, townships, and communities?

Who, or What, Are You?

In order to get your audience definition in order, though, you need to do some work getting your own house in order first. This means asking tough questions about what it is that you do. What product/service do you provide & why is it important? Does it do anything special to solve a prospective audience’s problems or make their life easier? You also need to do some major work checking out the Austin scene, making sure you’re not walking into a buzzsaw of competition, especially established entities that know the area well & have developed close relationships.

Locals Know Locals

If there is one thing that Austin residents are weary of, it’s all the newbies coming into town. Far too often, the new folks want to bring their way of life to Austin & have the city adapt to them — NOPE. Others are under the belief that Austin is nothing more than a hippie enclave and a 24hr hacky sack fest — WRONG. In order to advertise well in the Austin area, you’ve got to get to know the city well. This means checking out the bats at the Congress Avenue Bridge, or waiting in line for some Franklin’s BBQ. Venture out to visit Dripping Springs Distilling or Fredericksburg Brewing Company. Maybe stare into the abyss that is Jacob’s Well in Wimberley. The point is you need to put boots on the ground and see Austin for what it is so that you know how best to reach the audience that’s right for you.

More Than Keeping Austin Weird

For years, the mantra “Keep Austin Weird” has been plastered all over everything related to the city. Everyone has assumed it means that it’s all about keeping Austin full of eccentricity, kookiness, and the avant-garde. In reality, the phrase has quite the history, a long list of legal shenanigans, and a meaning shrouded in a bit of mystery. Is it about supporting small business & fighting commercialism and big government? Maybe. But thinking you know is a surefire way of getting shown the door.

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