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What Smart Business Owners Know About Austin Marketing


If you’re thinking about moving your current business or starting a new enterprise in Austin, marketing will be the most crucial step you take to ‘making it’. In case you weren’t aware, the Austin market is hot. Nearly everyday, you hear about another major celebrity moving to, or near, the Lone Star State. And guess what city they’re calling home? Yeah…Austin.

Why Austin?

Then again, central Texas has been experiencing one heck of a moment. Bigger cities like San Antonio & Austin have become hip & the cultural centers of Texas, taking on an almost Brooklyn-like feel. Smaller cities have benefitted from this rise in popularity, often using the growth of the big city to call attention to the quaintness these small places offer. Nationally-recognized wineries, craft beer, artisanal restaurants, you can find it all in or near the Austin area. 

So, it’s no surprise that businesses want to be there to feel the energy of the people. But how do you harness said ‘energy’? On the surface, that may seem like a tricky question to answer. But in all honesty, it’s about getting to know Austin.

The Tech Sector

Tech is king, or so it feels that way. Some have even regarded Austin as being the Silicon Valley of the South. Numerous tech companies have made their way into & around the city limits. So, a first order of business is to direct marketing to the tech sector. Employees are either new transfers into the state or long-time Austin residents getting their foot in the door. Either way, you’re appealing to a large population of folks.

Appealing to Youth

Austin also has a young population, which is ripe for new, exciting things from the world around them. Many are students while others are part of the surging commercial sector that’s taking the city by storm. Others are digging on the MASSIVE music scene, trying to make it big. There’s a broad array of young people who know what they want & want to know whether or not you can provide it.

Audience Definition

But in getting to know Austin, it’s important to remember a key factor in marketing — make sure your efforts go where they’ll benefit you most. You can dig the youthful energy of the city and be down with the megabytes & such. But is that the right audience for your product/service? Austin is about as diverse an area you’ll find in all of Texas, even if you just count the UT population. You need to make sure your marketing dollars go where they’ll work for you.

Taking The Next Step

Successful Austin marketing will come down to effectively getting your name out to those who want what you’ve got to offer. There’s just one issue — you’re not alone. How do you rise above the cacophony of so many voices? You call on the experts. Working with a local, experienced agency who knows the city well will help you connect with Austinites quicker. More importantly, you want your agency will help you find the right audience.

Make Austin marketing count by working the best agency in the area. Mindecology is an Austin advertising agency committed to taking your business to another level of awesome.

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