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What To Expect From Great Audience Definition


Have you ever tried to make a whole bunch of people happy? Try as you might, the situation just ended up blowing up in your face because NOBODY was happy? This is essentially what happens when it comes to traditional marketing. Trying to appeal to the masses for the sake of drumming up ALL the business seems like a good idea, but is anyone actually buying (figuratively & literally)? That’s why audience definition may be the best thing to have happened to marketing in a long time.

Marketing costs a lot of money. This means making sure every dollar counts. The problem is that many businesses try to blast their name everywhere. They try their hand at print media & blow up every social media platform they can. Some even try their luck with billboards if possible. While you gotta respect the amount of work that entails, these folks are spreading themselves thin and taking a chunk of change out of their pocket for very little return.

What’s a business to do? Enter audience definition. As the name suggests, the idea is about breaking down a population to specific groups. Common characteristics analyzed to refine the group breakdown even more. Ultimately, what’s left is data that allows businesses an opportunity to reach folks who have the potential to be customers. Why sort through the ENTIRE haystack when looking through smaller, more defined haystacks will likely yield the need more easily?

But there is such a thing as bad audience definition, and it’ll cost you. As such, it’s worth understanding just what great audience definition can is all about:

Going Where the Customers Are

Advertising & marketing materials aren’t cheap. Defining your audience makes it to where you can direct these materials TO your ideal customer. If done well, what you spent in campaign materials will be offset by healthy sales.

Understanding People

Defining an audience starts with asking the right questions. What inspires customers to purchase things the way they do? Why do they choose to buy from one company over another? Rock-solid audience definition gives companies insight into the motivations behind a customer’s actions. You can then target your marketing to them in a way that feels more personal.

Demographics & Psychographics

Understanding customers starts with some pretty in-depth analysis of audience data derived from a number of places. Two biggies in the world of audience definition are demographics & psychographics. Whereas demographics describe who your customer is, psychographics describes why they are the customer they are.

In a nutshell, audience definition is about connecting with people. By taking the time to know who your ideal customer is, you are able to address a need better than someone else, thereby allowing your company to stand out. Given the impact excellent audience definition can have on your bottom line, it might be a good idea to work with an advertising/marketing agency that specializes in these types of strategies. With the right team behind you, there’s no telling how well things can turn out for you. 

Audience definition is an effective data-driven tool used by the experts at MindEcology. They’re an Austin advertising agency specializing in finding the RIGHT customers for you.

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