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Established 2009



Unlike the most of our competition, at MindEcology we place a strong emphasis on “best customer” identification. We believe that knowing who your best customers are is the best way to identify and convert your best prospects. That is why most of our client engagements begin with a “best customer profiling” report called MatchPoint ™. It’s our signature research product.
  • It was looking like a 1-million-dollar loss next year on paper. Now we are positive your model works. You have saved us from shutting our doors. That’s the honest truth.
    Trevor G., VP of Customer Insights
  • You guys always produce amazing creative that we all love here. Thanks for being an extended part of our team. Our brand is better with MindEcology involved.
    Kristi S., Director of Marketing
  • MindEcology are game changes. They have taken a stagnant industry and turned it upside down with their innovative approach to market research. Any organization wanting to get a more targeted focus needs to make the investment in MindEcology services.
    Elizabeth G., President
  • Marketing gurus who are extremely passionate about what they do, and has fun doing it. Their excitement for marketing is infectious. This team has a vast knowledge of the industry and stays on top of the latest trends. I highly recommend MindEcology for any marketing needs.
    Len L., VP of Marketing
  • The MindEcology leadership possess the most strategic marketing minds that I know. I have had the opportunity to work with them on several projects and they always exceed my expectations. Their scope of marketing and advertising expertise is unparalleled. Whether I had my own business or was CMO for a Fortune 500 company, I would want MindEcology on my team.
    Brian B., Chief Financial Officer
  • Energetic, creative and strategic in their approach to taking concepts and bringing them to life for the purpose of helping organizations mature and expand their business model. MindEcology put their full brain power into every project and the difference shows.
    Page K., Chief Executive Officer