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Facebook Ad Campaigns – Hyper-Target Your Audience


More than one in four of all U.S. display advertisements take place on Facebook. Everyone and their mothers (literally) now have a Facebook account.

One of the primary reasons why Facebook has been so successful as an advertising medium is because Facebook, more than any other website, has billions of users willingly offering up information on their personal tastes, interests, and demographic makeup under the guise of networking and connecting socially with friends and family.

People create Facebook profiles to propagate their self-image online. In so doing, they openly share valuable information about their interests, passions, hobbies, work, and even their current location on Facebook. Privacy of personal information, it seems, is truly a thing of the past.

Facebook has seen outrageous success tapping into this vast wealth of information. Advertisers on Facebook have access to data compiled across all users to target advertisements directly to customers. Many companies have found a particular advertising advantage on Facebook, largely due to the social networking giant?s method of gathering extremely high quality data on users across a wide variety of variables.

Currently no other advertising modality has had as much success getting their users to provide such massive volumes of personal information. Advertisers who leverage Facebook can rest assured that their advertisements are directed to the most profitable prospects, based on straight-from-the-source data. In fact, many businesses have found they are able to carry a dialogue with their customers, using Facebook as a medium.

Target Specific Interests

Facebook allows advertisers to specifically target individuals by the various characteristics and interests they claim on their profiles.

For instance, if your business sells snowboarding apparel, you can easily advertise directly to all Facebook users who list “snowboarding” as one of their interests or hobbies.

You can further target your ads based on other variables such as age, sex, or a number of other demographic identifiers.

Segment by Multiple Factors

Using Facebook, you can segment your market by a number of factors. You can separate customers by location, whether state, city, or zip code. You can divide by age, sex, relationship status and interest, and education level. And perhaps most importantly, nearly every user on Facebook publishes a list of their hobbies and interests, such as running, cooking, or reading.

Advertisers can use Facebook’s wealth of consumer data to not only hand-pick the types of people who see and consume your ads, but also to better design your marketing messages for a more effective call to action.

Numerous tools currently exist to analyze Facebook’s user data to help you target specific individuals with the best possible message.

Using this method yields a much higher return on your advertising investment. Every ad impression that reaches a prospect who has no interest in your business or industry is money wasted, especially when bidding on a CPM basis.

But, by analyzing Facebook user data and creating and displaying carefully-designed ads only to the most profitable prospects, you are ensuring that fewer advertising dollars are wasted on poor-quality prospects.

Leveraging Facebook’s user data to target our campaigns, you can be more effective in reaching customers and persuading them to take a desired action. Facebook offers advertisers an incredible tool for getting the best message in front of the best clients.

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