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Five Things Internet Advertising Agencies Are Doing Wrong — And How To Fix It

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Let’s be clear about one thing: internet advertising agencies are not just ad agencies using the World Wide Web. Therein lies the first thing you need to know to differentiate a good agency from one that’s not up to par. This isn’t to say that advertising agencies of the past weren’t good at their job — it just means that the world has changed. Unless an ad agency with whom you may work understands best practices for an online world, you’re not going to get your money’s worth.

If you’ve gone the way of hiring an internet advertising agency, then you’ve come to two conclusions: 1) you need help getting your name out there; and 2) you’ve realized you don’t know how to do things yourself. For small & mid-sized business owners, the latter can be a bit of a blow because you have depended on you from the start.

Nonetheless, you have chosen to make an investment in an internet advertising agency, but now comes the task of choosing the right agency. The tough thing is that even when you find the perfect fit, you may still find that the agency you’ve chosen is putting in “B-” work when you really need “A+” results.

Some issues you may see include:

Too Much Reporting: Many digital ad agencies tend to focus too much on what information they pass along to clients by way of providing reports with WAY too much detail. Instead, getting concise information to clients that is easy to read makes a bigger impact.

No Social Media Work: Digital advertising means time with social media. BILLIONS of people use social media platforms every day. If your ad agency isn’t developing some sort of strategy for you, CUE RED FLAG!

No Growth: When choosing an internet ad agency, check out their client list. Has it grown any in recent months? Many agencies fall into the habit of nurturing their current clients but don’t do well in continuing to grow. Check agency portfolios & case studies to get an idea of their past, present, and future. 

Marketing “Speak”: Shiny presentations and overindulgent jargon are of no use to anyone. Many digital ad agencies make the mistake of trying to “…shift some paradigms…” and “…revolutionize outside the box”. Talking to clients directly & with purpose will always be the way to go.

Nothing But Guarantees: With as many advances as there have been in the digital advertising world, providing clients with usable results isn’t as difficult as some might make it. Instead, agencies should work to meet client goals instead of promising the moon.

Based on recent figures, the age of the workforce has trended down, which means that there needs to be a greater focus on digital marketing by companies. As such, internet advertising agencies have inherent value, but this in no way means that all agencies are created the same. Agencies who do poor work under the guise of a slick presentation are everywhere, but with a little homework, it won’t take long to figure out which agencies can help you meet your marketing goals, both short- & long-term.

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