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Why You Should Plan To Repeat Your SEO Audit Regularly

SEO Audit

If you own and/or run a business, ask yourself a basic question — when is the last time your operation had an SEO audit? There is a pretty good chance that a resounding number of you out there probably can’t remember the last time. There’s also a good chance that there is a big number who don’t know what an SEO audit is or does. But is that such a big deal?

In short, yes. We live in a world where the internet rules everything. Though much talk exists about the wave of internet commerce that came as a result of the global health crisis of the last few years, the writing was already on the wall. Folks have been making the transition over to strictly ordering online for years. To make matters even easier, mobile device giants started making it much simpler to keep payment methods like credit cards “on file” so that accessing them would be a snap.

But the difference with this type of web connection between companies and customers is that they were already connected. The idea behind SEO (search engine optimization) work is making it so that more of an audience can find what they need easier. The higher up in the search engine results, the higher the chance that a prospective customer will click on the weblink and check out one’s website. But if a company has no clue what SEO is or what an SEO audit can help them do, they’ll just fall further down the list of searches until they effectively disappear.

‘Disappear’ may seem a bit of an extreme take, but it’s not as crazy you might think. After all, advertising and marketing agencies have been saying for years that unless a company has a web presence, they are effectively invisible. As such, websites have become a mainstay. Social media platforms have MASSIVE business pages and tools at their users’ disposal. Everything online is all about being as close to the top as possible.

This is why is it imperative that companies not only invest in an SEO audit but do so on a regular basis. In basic terms, the only way to truly optimize search engine results (you know, the whole ‘O’ in SEO thing) is to actually have a realistic idea of where one stands in search engine results. Furthermore, once you find out where you stand, it’s a matter of putting together a strategy that allows you to move up in the ranks.

Still not convinced? Here are a few other things that can be helped out with a regular SEO audit:

Better Web Presence

If there is one area many companies can benefit from, it is an improved website and social media structure. At the heart of great SEO are keywords that can, and should, be incorporated into a company’s online presence so that it can stand out online. Good SEO work allows these keywords to work for the company.

The Dynamics of the Internet

Things change over time. What was once working for a company may not be the same a few months down the line. A thorough SEO audit can pinpoint where certain keywords aren’t getting the job done and tweaks need to be made in the campaign to get things back on track.

The Other Guys

Even if your company was first to address certain pain points, competition has likely grown over time. Consistent SEO audits will help show where your company is excelling, as well as where you need improvement.

Finally, an SEO audit can help get your marketing in check. It does so by helping identify the right prospects which will hopefully become your best customers. This also helps create synergetic relationship between the sales department and the marketing team, something that should already be happening.

Aren’t sure what makes an SEO audit good? Let our team here at MindEcology show you the ropes. We’re an Austin advertising agency who thrives on helping our clients set goals & reach them all with the help of data science. Call us today to set up a free consultation.

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