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Why Your Clients Need an SEO Audit

SEO Audit

MindEcology can help make you look like an SEO rock star for your clients. Have them invest in an SEO Audit.

Why an SEO Audit?

Website rankings are the result of multiple factors, including the quality, quantity and choice of content on your website and the quality, quantity and choice of backlinks (hyperlinks) that lead to your site from other sites. The goal of the Audit is to provide a realistic and accurate picture of where the site is now versus where it needs to be in order to achieve organizational objectives.

A thorough audit of your client’s existing website is performed from three perspectives:

1. Keyword Analysis

Starting with an initial list of thousands of candidate target keywords, isolate 12-15 ideal target keywords for your client’s site by leveraging our proprietary, 6-dimension quantitative analysis approach. These keywords will be the basis for your SEO efforts moving forward because they represent the right combination of appropriateness for your business niche, a relatively low number of competitors, and a relatively high number of daily searches by interested prospects.

2. Competitor Analysis

A thorough analysis of 3 of your client’s competitor websites, including both qualitative and quantitative performance metrics. The result is a list of the reasons why your client’s competitors are ranking well on search engines for important target keywords, many of which can be emulated for your client’s site.

3. Site Analysis

A thorough analysis of your client’s own website, including both qualitative and quantitative dimensions. This results in a list of “Strong Points” and “Areas for Improvement” for your site, along with specific, detailed recommendations for how to improve the search-ability of your website.

What is Included in an SEO Audit?

The result is a 50-60 page report (delivered as a PDF file) and a one-hour conference call to review the report with you and/or your client. The recommendations found in the report can directly inform how your client moves forward with SEO support, including the important decision of which keywords to target.

When Should My Clients Invest in an Audit?

Your client will benefit from investing in an SEO Audit in any of these circumstances:

  1. They are about to undergo a site redesign
  2. Their site is 2-3 or more years old and it needs a “shot in the arm” from an SEO perspective
  3. Conversions are lagging
  4. Their customers are complaining that they cannot easily navigate the site or find what they want
  5. Natural search ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines haven’t moved in weeks, months or years

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